The Crime Survey for England and Wales has measured crime in since 1981. Used alongside police recorded crime data it is a valuable source of information for the government about the extent and nature of crime in England and Wales.

The survey measures crime by asking members of the public, such as yourself, about their experiences of crime over the last 12 months. In this way the survey records all types of crimes experienced by people, including those crimes that may not have been reported to the police. It is important that we hear from people who have experienced crime and also those who have not experienced any crime in the last 12 months, so that we can show an accurate picture of crime in the country.

In 2018/19 around 50,000 households across England and Wales will be invited to participate in the survey. In previous years three quarters of households invited to take part agreed to participate. It is thanks to this cooperation from the public that the survey can provide the robust information needed by government to make important decisions about policies related to crime and justice.

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