Accessibility Statement

The scope of this statement covers the Crime Survey for England and Wales Survey website

Our commitment to accessibility

This website is run by Verian. We want as many people as possible to be able to use this website.

We have designed our website with accessibility in mind, taking into account best practice web accessibility guidance.

Accessible features of this website

The features of this website that aid accessibility include the functionality to:

  • Change contrast levels, colours and fonts on some browsers.
  • Zoom in up to 300% with text staying visible on the screen, and most images scaling without resolution loss.
  • Navigate most of the website using just a keyboard.
  • Listen to most of the website using a screen reader.

The content on this website has been written and structured using accessible language where possible.

How to use accessibility features

Details outlining how the website can be adapted to meet accessibility needs can be found below.

Changing the colours and style used

This may be useful for you if you have low vision and need high contrast colours.

Alternatively, you can change the settings in your operating system so that your chosen colours appear every time you use your computer. Instructions differ depending on your operating system and can be found on the My Computer My Way website.

Increasing the font size

You can zoom in to increase the font size by adjusting your browser settings. This may be useful if you have low vision.

  • Using your keyboard hold down the Ctrl button and press the = key to zoom in, press the – (minus) key to zoom out, or return to the standard size by pressing the 0 (zero) key.
  • If you have a wheel mouse, you can zoom in by pressing Ctrl and moving the wheel on your mouse at the same time.
  • Most mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, use touch-screen 'gestures' such as 'pinch and zoom' to change the size of the page. Double-tapping the display may also have the same effect.
How to navigate using just a keyboard

It is possible to navigate the survey website using your keyboard.

  • Use your arrow keys to scroll up or down the page.
  • You can use your Tab key to move between links, and press Return or Enter to select one.
  • To go back to the previous page, use the Backspace key.
Screen reader compatibility

It is possible to navigate the survey website using a screen reader. If you are using a Windows or Apple computer, then your operating system may also include screen reader tools. Other screen reader software is available, some of which is free to use. More details can be found on the RNIB Supporting people with sight loss website.

How accessible is this website?

This website is partially compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 AA standard.

We know the following parts of the website are not fully accessible.

Issues with text and content:
  • It is not always possible to use accessible language due to the complex nature of the topic being discussed.
  • Keyboard users will encounter instances of non-actionable elements receiving tab focus, which can cause confusion.
  • Low vision and colour deficient users may have trouble viewing certain form fields and determining when radio and checkbox elements have been selected due to low contrast.

We are working to highlight accessibility issues with our website and are working with developers to improve accessibility for users.

Reporting accessibility problems

We're always looking to improve the accessibility of this website. If you find any problems not listed on this page, please contact us using the details below.

Telephone number: 0800 051 0882

To help us quickly understand your difficulty, please mention 'accessibility' in your request. All constructive feedback regarding accessibility or usability is welcome and will be carefully considered.

Preparation of this accessibility statement

This statement was prepared on 16/09/2021. It was last reviewed in 20/12/2023.