Frequently asked questions

Why have I been chosen?

You may remember taking part in the Crime Survey at some point over the last couple of years. We have contacted you because you indicated during your previous interview that you may be willing to help us out again.

The Crime Survey is widely considered to be the most important source of information about trends in crime. We rely on people’s help in taking part to be able to produce information about the extent and nature of crime in England and Wales.

Once an address has been selected for the study, we cannot replace it with another address. This means that we rely on the goodwill of those who have been chosen to take part in the survey.

What does taking part involve?

If you have been selected for the survey, you should have received a letter and/or email informing you about the survey. You may also have received an SMS text message. A copy of the letter can be downloaded here

An interviewer will call you over the phone in the next few weeks to arrange a convenient time for an interview.

We rely on people’s voluntary cooperation and are very happy to arrange appointments so that you can complete the interview at a time that suits you. The interviewer can make an appointment when they call. Alternatively you can call the Crime Survey information line (0800 051 0882) or email to request that the interviewer telephones you to arrange a suitable time for the interview to take place.

We are grateful that you have taken part in the past, and we hope that you will choose to help us out again.

I have never experienced any crime,
do I still need to take part?

It is very important that we talk to people who may not have experienced any crime as well as those who have, to make sure that we have a balanced view. By talking to people from all different backgrounds and areas the survey is able to give a true picture of crime for the country as a whole.

What happens to the survey results?

The results from the Crime Survey for England and Wales are published by the Office for National Statistics. The full results are published annually each July with quarterly updates published in January, April, July and October. The public can use the findings from the survey to understand for themselves what is happening to the level of crime in the country. Click on the link below to go to the publications of results on the ONS website.

Results from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (ONS publications)